Though I guess he’s not really alone. my first warriors ship :] [dont repost] ... i love interacting w you guys so send me an ask !! I'm glad I finally know how Ravenpaw lived his life with Barley. I might try and simplify these later after I've drawn them 11000 times idk ravenpaw wc ravenpaw wc barley tigerclaw wc tigerclaw warriors warrior cats wc designs. Requested by Bella9635! This book begins on a happy note with Ravenpaw and his best friend Barley waking up in the barn at a farm. He has lived for many moons happily with his new friend, Barly. This was beautiful and I loved it so much 5/5. Ravenpaw cocked his head to one side. I had been wondering how Skyclan was doing, so it was nice seeing them, again. Ravenpaw’s Farewell is one of the best SE in my opinion and it’s super underrated, I mean, Ravenpaw and Barley are SO GAY in this book, they’re openly mates, period. The two became close, inseperable even, quite quickly. The black-and-white tom asks if he is okay and Ravenpaw comforts him. Ravenpaw named Robin after his mom, Elm was named that because he loves heights/climbing things, and I imagine Violet would’ve named Jack, since she’s more used to kittypet names. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. one of the erin hunters even confirmed the relationship between ravenpaw and barley, plus it's inherently obvious that they love one another the way firestar and squirrelflight loved each other, or like any other male/female relationship in the series. ravenpaw and barley!! Feels a bit quick paced, but still very good. Erin Hunter is the pseudonym of five people: “They’ve been very brave,” Ravenpaw replied. Ravenpaw is getting older and also has some kind of sickness. My drawing for Day 19 of the wcadvent prompt: Ravenpaw and Barley watching First Snow. Barley is Ravenpaw's mate, even though they are both male. when i found out that there was a book that came out very recently that is centered around him, i knew i had to read it. Ravenpaw drifted off into sleep. I mean, Firestar and Graystripe, really. Ravenpaw had lost sight of Riley and Bella farther along the line. He stands up from his dead body and walks off into the shadows, towards warm sunshine and the scent of prey. #Warrior Cats #Warriors #barley #ravenpaw and barley #give my sweet farm boi some love please #he had such an interesting life but no one ever talks about him #sure we've gotten a few snippets of his life but not the full story #and most of it was from other at's pov #i want his pov How is Barley getting along now that he’s alone again? The black and white tom looked up from his squirrel. I didn't appreciate Skyclan's attitude, though. This is my first pmv.... yay. Tigerstar moved closer to Ravenpaw. I've often wondered what happen to dear Ravenpaw after the cats left the forrest. 28 comments. In the end, they find solace and a home in each other, and that's just beautiful to me. Hello there. So beautiful. Ravenpaw and Barley But every so often, his past as a Clan cat has occasionally called back to him – and now it has once more. the book made me very sad, seeing as my first favorite character ever died. . "Ravenpaw,"Tigerstar meowed. That afternoon when Tigerstar had attacked Barley, half was from his own self, but half felt like a feeling that he needed to keep Barley away from Ravenpaw. That one the Lineart is from google. Ravenpaw affectionately tells Barley he knows how to motivate them to which Barley tells the small tom he is proud of him for doing this. Hmm. I ship this a little too much! This novella is a sweet and sad story. the book made me very sad, seeing as my first favorite character ever died. I had made my Oc's Skyclan based, but now I regret that slightly. also, it teaches young kids important things. Ravenpaw x Barley. And before they wrote the Apprentice's Quest, I really wanted Erin Hunter to write something else about SkyClan, so I was really happy about Ravenpaw's Farewell when I read it. save hide report. Now, Tigerstar was catching mice, creating a fresh-kill pile for the barn. By itsmyartfam Watch. It’s the only good novella of these I’ve read so far, I think. They have a good life there untill something very suprising happens... (WARNING: SPOILERS) Btw, when I was checking Barley’s wiki for his eye color I saw that him and Ravenpaw are officially mates again!! Barley squeezed Ravenpaw's hips between his, continuing to lick his scruff, causing the younger tom to purr. In the speedpaint, I will be reviewing Huion's HS610 tablet as well as talking about why Ravenpaw and Barley are my favourite LGBT ship in Warriors. If it were possible to choose a favourite this could well be it. Ravenpaw squirmed as Barley let go of him, sitting up to take off his own clothing. However, when the kits have learned everything that he can teach them, he must make a decision. Two glowing eyes were staring at him. Nov 22, 2017 - Ravenpaw and barley like father and son | Warriors<<<